Anyone going to be a father for 1st time? How ya feeling?

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My gf missed period so decide bring her go clinic to check up I was sitting outside with super nervous feeling waiting for her to come out tell me result. When she walk out with a cheeky smile and say "jialat liao kana liao" I feel excited almost shout in the clinic those clinic assistance know we are gf/bf relationship tot we are not prepared but they wrong after they saw my reaction they came over and congrats us after awhile we both settle down and relax we feel scared and nervous cause we havent married dont know how to break news to my parent and her parent. Lucky both our parent super happy and supportive over my gf pregnant.

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3y ago

Yea! So happy and cant wait for our big day to arrive which is on this year dec although everything super rush but still managed to settle...

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My hubby was so chill throughout the pregnancy that I thought he wasn’t excited. But the minute our baby is born, tears welled up in his eyes... That daddy’s love! Now he looks forward to coming home from work early to be able to spend time with his princess.. :)

Shiok. But also nervous. Trying to do everything myself so as not to disturb my wife. Confinement lady or just confinement meal. Stay Mil house or continue stay at our house.

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Congratulations! Most first time dads will be super excited, eager and sweet to their wives I can tell you that much🙊 Enjoy this wonderful journey(:

3y ago

Yes2 its the time also we give xtra care n support to our wife..

My hubby very calm when I show him the test kit with two lines... But he is excited when first time saw the baby thru ultrasound...

Very excited and looking forward to fatherhood! But yet anxious during the pregnancy to ensure the well-being of my child and wife! 😄

Very excited, nervous and already tired! haha. No, I cant wait - bring on what I suspect will be the ride of my life

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My hub was chill throughout pregnancy. But when his little princess was out, he was happy n enjoyin his fatherhood

Congrats... i asked my hub, he say dont know. Must wait till he see baby then he can comment 😂

Congratulations, dad-to-be! Pretty sure you’re feeling a mix of emotions.