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wedding fund who should pay ?
Girl will you help up on the wedding fund or all should let your boy settle it? (Banquets, wedding gowns, photographs, make up artist, etc etc etc)
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Can split the cost but the husband should pay slightly more
Share the cost.
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Both should share cost.. But the guy pay slightly more. If only wants the guy to pay for everything.. Should only opt for rom only.
We both chip in, although hubby pay the most. Be practical, now what generation 😂 both want to get married both pay. Who earns more just pay a little more.
In today’s world, be practical. Everybody chips in to pay unless you are marrying s rich man. In that case, let him pay
should i or should not
Out of sudden she keep requesting for sex but I was scare its juz 10week plus.... I saw other post poll vote not to sex during pregnancy so should reject her again ?
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Better after 1st trimester
Hi, It is safe to have sex during pregnancy but it would really help if you tell concerns on why you don't want to have sex. I am sure she will understand :)
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It's fine to have sex throughout pregnancy even in first trimester! If you feel so worried please ask your gynae during your next appointment. No need to be shy. I'm sure they are already used to this
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Depends on your wife health condition.. Since she is requesting for it, her body should be feeling fine.. It is OK to have sex during pregnancy.
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Probably share with her your concerns instead of rejecting her outrightly so she’ll understand where you’re coming from.
gan chiong daddy here ! :)
When you guys start buying baby stuff ? Which is most important item to get first ?
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Second tri
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Started slowing buying from Trimester 2 onwards
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Started slowly around week 20. Now waiting for Black Friday good deals 😆
isit safe to fly in 11week pregnant?
My partner about to fly to Bangkok for her holiday but she was about 11 week during that period can she still fly?
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Sure. If there r no complications in her pregnancy
Yes, but best to confirm with your gynae
Best to check with gynae
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It is fine Best to consult gynae I've been travelling during my pregnancy but I'll check with my gynae 1st.
should be fine