Annoying MIL

Anyone else can't stand their Mother in law?

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Actually why is it so difficult for mil and dil to get along? Is it a woman’s thing? I dread to think of the day my Son will be caught in between his partner and me 😔

me. my parent in the laws r literally the worse. always pushing my kids to make them remember them badly whats funny is we live in the same roof . dam sway

I just wish to have as little contact with her as possible. Best is no contact at all! I hope she doesn't come visit us (to C bb) too

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I think most of us have the same problem but I'm sure it can be worked out, especially if you're not staying under the same roof!

I love my MIL so i can't really relate. but I guess you can limit your interactions with her so you don't drive yourself crazy.

Somehow after having a kid, I started to dislike my MIL a bit. Felt like she’s nitpicking at how I’m raising my child..

me ! she was fine before i am pregnant. after she knew i am pregnant she keep finding me problem and even want to slap me !

Conflicts are inevitable but end of the day i'm glad she's helping. She is alot more helpful than my hubby!

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Mine is weather forecast. There r days tat she is in gd mood n some days are at the extreme ends.

Me.. I was ok with her before married and after married. But after have kid, I can't stand her.