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How do you deal with your mother-in-law? Tell me if there are any good tips

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I’m living with my MIL and I just don’t deal with her. Everything she says, it’s ear in & ear out. Have less conversations. Don’t waste your time and energy arguing if there are differences. Leave it to husband to straighten things out with his mum. But of course, if there’s something you don’t like or want her to do, say it upfront to her (and tell hubby too). I usually rant about my MIL to my mum or to my bestie. It doesn’t change the situation but at least you don’t lose your sanity by keeping the frustration inside.

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just ignore if u dont wish to listen or see. At 1st without baby everything ok. not as bad as i tot. I still think i am lucky one as i heard lots of story regarding MIL. however after giving birth all changes. come to baby we have difference ways of taking care and she is stubborn. whatever i say or buy she sure have comments. after saying friend also using and all ok. then she ok. more worst is not even MIL, still have GMIL that really headache to face 2 of them and their way also difference. later 1 say this the other say that. I just let my husband handle.

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1y ago

Me too. Wo baby everything was fine and no conflict. I too tot i am a lucky one. But when baby arrives, everything changes. She start commenting on everything regarding lo. Hair too long, hair too ugly, only bathe baby in the afternoon, whenever i wear short pants for lo she say weather too cold, so i chg to wear long pants she say too hot ask me remove pants just wear diapers etc. The most frustrating thing is her commenting every single little things when she dun even know how to tc of baby and she dun even dare hold baby less than 3 mths old. *roll eyes* Now that my bto is rdy and after we had moved out, its much better nw. Altho whenever we bring lo to visit my pil i will start feeling stressful again.

Most of the time i give the ermmm, aaahhhhh, orrrhhh answer. But sometimes i throw her a curveball answer so she will not ask me further. Most importantly, no need to be rude or raise your voice. And anything you saw she did to your child, let the husband go handle. 😉

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Things that I don’t like her to do, I’ll tell her straight. I don’t complain to my husband cos it will put him into a difficult position. Certain things I can’t complain to my hub, I’ll rant it to my mom. It helps to keep my sanity. ☺️

Distance is the best tip. My husband and I are totally no match for my mil. We just moved to another country. She can no longer control our lives :) and there is Covid now, no need to see her except video calls

Don't live with her and try to avoid meeting up too often as she can be super irritating. One ear in, another ear out.. Usually my husband will deal with her directly when he sensed I'm starting to get annoyed.

I live together with her for now till my flat is ready. Less conversation means less conflict. If she nags, I just answer like okay or ignore. Dont bother to talk back or argue with her.

Best way that works for me is to try talking to your mother in law the way you will talk to your mother. That way it doesn't feel weird to both of us and we also feel connected

it got much better after we moved into our own bto. in terms of kids, my mil doesn't really bother much because she's not those kind who think they know everything.

We don't even live with her but she can still be annoying..i dont talk to her. Let the husband deal with his own mum