My mother in law is .............................

Comment one word about your mother in law

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a strong woman, this includes my mother too. Both of them are my inspiration. Even at times they can be a little irrits, but they are my source of strength. ❤️

Possessive Feels like I’m assisting her to look after new born daughter instead of the other way round

not talking to me and i dont know why but i am so okay with it as long as she doesnt trouble me or hubby 😅

Everything she want me to follow her way…. But her way is just not my way…lollll

Positive. Always bubbly although there are lots of downhills in her life. Never seen her cry.

Loving , caring and thoughtful! I’m very grateful and thankful! 🙏🏻

Irritating, the only bad thing abt hving my bb is hving to see her more

Toxic Keeping my distance from her to set clear boundaries .

She’s terrible. Two faced, huge slob and really possessive as well

Supportive but at times she’s overthinks/over exaggerates