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nice but needy. as if my baby must stick to her butt everyday! hey the baby is mine not urs! abit old, consider unfit to take care baby yet desperate to help, i scare. few times i notice she let my baby play shoe, alone in room playing drawer, alone at a corner playing electric plug. i scare.

demanding, annoying, telling me and my husband that the name we choose for our son is not nice. we MUST use the name she like. and till now, I think she still hates me for taking her son away from her as she can't get a flat under single parent scheme

Always asking for money………. Acts as if she cares about me a lot when it’s actually all fake lol. Since pregnant till now 33 weeks, I’ve never once ate any food she cook yet she still ask what I want to eat. Lol nonsense old women. 😒

Controlling and toxic because she likes to interfere how we should educate or carry my newborn. Everytime go my in law place I feel unhappy and feel my husband useless as he don’t speak up for me

Possessive Feels like I’m assisting her to look after new born daughter instead of the other way round

2mo ago

I thought it was only my own feeling

Heartless. We just pretend we don’t know about each other’s existence. She pretends that her son is still single. I pretend that my husband is an orphan.

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10mo ago

HAHAHAH good one

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a strong woman, this includes my mother too. Both of them are my inspiration. Even at times they can be a little irrits, but they are my source of strength. ❤️

She loves to smokes infront of me (I’m 5 months pregnant) and when I walk away, she will say “Oops, I forgot and just laugh)…

Everything she want me to follow her way…. But her way is just not my way…lollll

not talking to me and i dont know why but i am so okay with it as long as she doesnt trouble me or hubby 😅