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Annoying MIL

Anyone else can't stand their Mother in law?
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I wish I don’t stay in the same roof as them. I felt annoyed. Whenever I am trying to cook she will interrupt saying don’t do this, why make it so troublesome, add this not healthy. Or even kept saying I keep using phone! Her nagging was intolerable
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It was a struggle at first—but we got along eventually
My MIL is the best. I was lucky
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Mine one quite ok
Married for 14yrs & till now I can't UNDERSTAND MY MIL (She was the 1 when my hubby INTro to her as his Frend ask me to marry her son) START ALL WAS FINE UNTILL my SIS IN LAW add spice n vinegar to my MIL & totally I saw the satan in my MIL.... Even when I told her the news I was preggy her reaction was like "Oohhh ic ok lah so wat u wanna me to do? " now my cutie is 18mth ++ not even a single call fm her... Wonder what is WRONG WIF HER???
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me. my parent in the laws r literally the worse. always pushing my kids to make them remember them badly whats funny is we live in the same roof . dam sway
me ! she was fine before i am pregnant. after she knew i am pregnant she keep finding me problem and even want to slap me !
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Sometimes haha
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