Annoying MIL

Anyone else can't stand their Mother in law?
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I'm glad mine's is okay.
Me!!!! She always nitpicking on what I do! Every single time. I wash the dishes, she never say anything, if my hubby wants to wash the dishes, she said I am lazy. If I vacuuming or mop the floor, she
I confronted her before, and it ends up quite badly tho... She will scream at the top of her lungs and act like she was a victim in front of my husband even tho he knew her character. She alao will tell all her siblings and her mom that I am a very bad person and she accused of me sleeping around other guys behind my hubby's back also, whenever I come home late from work. She has this old mindset that women should be a slave to men and women must do all house chores and every time I sounded to her, she will bark back saying, "last time her MIL does her like that bla bla bla." so infuriating...
Mine is actually really great!
I just wish to have as little contact with her as possible. Best is no contact at all! I hope she doesn't come visit us (to C bb) too
Conflicts are inevitable but end of the day i'm glad she's helping. She is alot more helpful than my hubby!