How would you describe your mother-in-law

Complete this sentence: My Mother-in-law is ______

How would you describe your mother-in-law
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stubborn, like to back stab. dun allow my hubby to hold my hand. wherever we go she followed, I am the one carry baby and was always left behind walking alone, cos she and my hubby walk in front she is the one who hold my hubby hand, whenever we are eating out she will seat beside my hubby I seat facing her, she dun allow my hubby to seat with me. when ever we fight she will add salt pepper say this say that.

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Pretends to like me. Lol. Telling me to mop in a S shaped action, the way I crack egg and watermelon is wrong when my hubby not around. Trying to correct me to follow her style. Hahaha. Telling me to abort if I have a second child cos in their culture need to leave enough inheritance for the children. And we are too “poor” We are totally of no match for her :) so we moved to another country . Hahahahah

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6mo ago

Abortion? Is she crazy? Who is she to decide to keep the second baby or not.. Please stay away from such toxic person..

Stubborn, proud, arrogant, self centred, think money can do everything, act to be helpful in front of her son but she’s not in real, hard to communicate, not caring, only cares about her sons and only wants grandson not granddaughter - overall she’s just toxin person who I don’t want her to be near me and to teach the wrong mindset to my children

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I like her but in front of my husband she act very nice and caring me but when my husband away she won’t even care to just help me to wash her own dishes when I’m sick and ask me to clean her room 3 times a day. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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My mother in law is understanding women and loving person. She treat me as her daughter and help me take care of the monsters. She is awesome! Thank God for let me found such a good in law family to stay with.

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My MIL is a GOSSIP QUEEN.. Her daily 4 square meals are gossips. 🤣 I try to avoid her calls most of the time. I’d rather do something more productive than gossip all day..

My mother in law is a house wrecker.. She get involve in every single thing whenever I had a commotion with my husband

2y ago

Same 😫 the most annoying pet is she decided what’s my baby will wear and everything once I deliver later 🤦🏻‍♀️

I'm a Filipino,my mil she's the best and generosity,kind...everything what she have she shared to me...

stubborn w her traditional ways but respects me and hubby ways to care for our daughter 😆

My MIL is a topic I don't wanna talk about 😜