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How do you describe your mother in law? Please share here ?

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she have been very mean for almost months. posting bad things about me on social media. to the point that she scold bad stuff to me. she has another daughter in law which she treated like her own daughter. but couldn't be fair to the point that she doesn't treat me good. during my 2nd pregnancy confinement i stayed over at her house. and she expects me to do the house works and help with cookings. to the point that i choose not too. i'm tired as i have to wake up every night & morning to look after my nb and she thinks that its not even as tired as how she is at home. and even when my husband prepared for me food, to her it's something wrong. is it even wrong for a husband to pamper their wife while they are on their confinement. i don't know what issues does she have. she is one of the most heartless mother in law i've saw. i couldn't stand with her. more over i'm on my 3rd right now. and it really stressed me out to get stupid comments or words coming from her. she doesn't feel me. i've been so patient all this while to the point that i fought with my husband because of her.

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She is very caring. Tell me secrets that she has never told her kids😄 and that's so much fun. We both have a little language barrier but that never stopped us from loving each other. I never ever thought a mother in law can be like this. She doesn't care of the society when it comes her children that is something we need from our parents. Feels like my own mom is with me. I hope this relationship keeps getting deeper with time. Due to border closure we haven't met her since more than a year. And she is so upset that she is not able to take care of me as I am pregnant. I miss her too.

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Stubborn, proud, prefer boys over girls, love the elder son and his kids, dislike my SIL, talk alot of things but totally irrelevant, cannot let/tell her she’s fat, 爱美, bakes & cooks badly but always wanna bake & cook, don’t like to waste food (even not nice) she will rather give it to relatives/neighbours/cleaners, complain abt her sisters but still hangout with them everyday, watch fb and try all kind of healthy remedies she finds. But most importantly, I am definitely not the least fav daughter-in-law. So still not so bad. Haha

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Hostile. Terrible. Pretentious. Selfish. Manipulative. Narcissistic. Only pretends to have a conversation and be nice when my Husband is around. Wants everything done her way and wants to have the last say. Also starts s*** to make me and my Husband argue then pretends she’s the victim. Never asked me about my child once but pretends to get excited when my Husband is around. Bitch pls.

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Haiya. Anonymity is needed here. Kpo, yes. Caring, also yes. Love to butt in. Emotional, also yesss (eg. Argued wih husb, shes the one that cries.😲) Also love to give hints infront of husb when im all about being upfront. So it irks me aaaaallllot. But still bearable, considering i just be myself and not succumb to her ways.

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Not nice not friendly doesn’t even treat me as daughter in law . No communication at all . Anyway I’m married to her son not her so I don’t even bother . Heartless mother in law which treat son eat only luncheon meat when there is so many chicken fish and etc when the son help her paint whole entire living room .

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2y ago

Same here, she don’t care for her DIL at all even when I was heavily preg and even I had complications - didn’t bother to ask if I’m okay when other family asking and continue to eat her lunch (like hungry ghost) so it’s quite obvious she’s unhappy I preg with baby girl.. Since then I give up on this so-called MIL.. And she even asked my hubby to send her whoever home previously when she knows I’m tired with my baby bump.. The only difference is my MIL doesn’t know how to cook and she’s lazy to me..

Mine is really nice, we’d go on outings or we’d visit the in-laws house at least once a month. For me, it’s good to keep a distance (I.e not sleeping over, not living together) because when we do meet, we have things to talk about without having to be too up close and personal :)

She nags non-stop, as long as she is doing things, she will nags whether you responds or not. But overall, she means no harm. She cares a lot, but she doesn't phrase her words nicely. She does all the work, and pampers me a lot but just like to nag (which I cannot stand).

I don’t hAve to bad mouth my MIL. She is so terrible that her son is saying bad things about her himself. Hahahaha . But we are still on talking terms with her. Probably mil and us just have very different values. She is too $$$ minded . And we are too chill. Lol

Money faced, only get to see her when she wants monies. Fake, in front of son say one thing, in front of me say another and very hostile when her son is not around. Literally a monster in law.