anyone bring 4m old baby to cinema and watch movie before? any tips on how to go about doing so?

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Babybanz. However, I wouldn't though. Baby's ear drums are still delicate and movies can be very loud. Leave baby at home with a trusted person and enjoy your movie/date night with hubby.

Theres mums and bubs sessions only at certain cinemas, if I’m not wrong. Personally I wouldn’t bring la to normal theatre cos other patrons might not appreciate

Ah... Never try before and not gonna do so. Feeding milk will be troublesome and what if pass motion or anything how. Loud also an issue

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Never done before. Scared they will cry during movie then end up disturbing others and i have to excuse halfway.

I would not do that as it is too loud for baby and the baby might get tired by sitting for too long

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No. Husband was strongly against it as he finds it very inconsiderate to other movie goer.

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i brought when mine was 3mo. my hb brought bb out whenever our bb fussed too much.

Never tried.. Wouldn't it be too loud for baby?

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Wow never. Cause I think it’s too loud.

don't recommend as the audio will be loud