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Hello Mummies , is it safe to watch horror movie at cinema when 7months pregnant ?

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I watched a few horror/gore for both my pregnancies. Recently baby kept kicking lots when i watched IT. Probably from the loud sound and suspenseful emotions I received. I think the safety aspect comes in when our bodies release cortisol when we are stressed or taken aback by certain scenes. If not excessively done, should be alright.. you should respond to your baby's cues. I know it's hard to stay away sometimes. 😅

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alot ppl say better to avoid la. but tsk i cant resist it bc im too bored at home 🤣(just watched some horror movie online last night and im at 9months preggo 😁) i watched with my partner and at home. once i tried watching a non-horror movie at the cinema, baby got excited and made me uncomfortable instead, so i rather not go anymore till whenever😂

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I just watched..u confirm talking about pusaka right?? Hehehe 🤣😂🤣😂I'm also at 29 weeks😅😅😅 go je. Hahahaha. I'm the kind of mom who must not think too much and pantang too much it'll make me stress. But it's up to you. If you think u can handle, u go.. if u think u can't don't😊

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No worries(:

It's recommended to avoid any kind of shock and anxiety levels in pregnant women as it could affect the development of the child and may also lead to the death of babies in the womb. Horror movies are a storehouse of emotions and a woman undergoes mood swings when she is pregnant.

Hi! When i was 27 weeks, i went to watch a horror movie. Not scary but theres alot of shouting and music were loud, baby keep on kicking and moving seems like he's not comfortable with the loud sounds. So i had to stop watching and left the cinema. And yes, after i left, he stop kicking.

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Ohmy ! I think ur baby really hate the loud music and shouting la . Hehehe . So cute . Noted on that . Thanks for sharing with me ur experience 😊

I think i know what movie you are talking about. I want to watch it too, but i guess its follow your heart. If you think you are strong enough to withstand the scare jumps, then can. So just be prepared to close eyes and ears.

3y ago

Pusaka ! Hahahhahaha . Alright thanks alot babe 😊.

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Well, it depends on how you usually react to horror movies. I don’t like horror movies to begin with, so I wouldn’t go 😅

It already to see horror movie.. If you are not scare. I am pregnant I too love watching horror movie.. And those bloody show

I watch horror movie at 6 months and 9 months. Cos I love horror movies!! If you are scared you shouldn't watch at all.

Body will produce stress hormones and will be delivered to baby.. I would not want to expose to unnecessary distress