Hi, can I go to cinema to watch movie?? I'm 17 week pregnant! saw from an article that loud noise / music will affect my baby's development ??

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Yes! You should enjoy the time out. Your LO might feel vibrations from the loud sounds and become excited but nothing to worry about. Babies become sensitive to sound around 25 weeks but it would be quite muffled from your body even though they are suspended in water. I would think it would have more to do if you would be comfortable in a theater and could get an aisle seat for those trips to the bathroom.

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Unless the content of the movie will be disturbing to you and leaves you emotionaaly shaken up, I don't think loud noises can affect your baby that much. I remember going to see a Rambo when pregnant! OMG biggest mistake. All that gore made me throw up.

hi po ask ko lang I'm 17weeka pregnant first time mom po ako, normal lang po ba na hindi Kopa na naramdaman yung heart Beat ng baby ko ? natatakot po kase ako . hindi pa ako maka punta sa OB ko kase lockdown pa samin

It may possibly damage it's hearing.... but no harm to watch a movie (I recently did XD). you can insulate the sound by adding a blanket/ scarf on top of your tummy. Enjoy!

Yes why not? I went cinema for movies throughout my pregnancy. Just watched Avengers. I'm 37 weeks now and she kept moving in my belly throughout the movie 🤣🤣🤣

3y ago

Mines toooo! Haha, the trouble of trying to hold in your pee for the 3hr moviee. 🤣

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No problem going out for movies! It really isn’t that loud and your baby is safely insulated in your belly. ❤️

Its safe 😊😊 went to watch avengers end game at 16 weeks and we were in the first row 😂😂

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lol i went for movie at 38 or 39 weeks , dont worry its ok

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Why not? You are not watching gore movies /horror movies right?

3y ago

Just go and enjoy! 😁

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why not. its safe