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this my 4 th baby my gynae ask me to induce now i m 38 weeks shall i induce or wait until my due date is on 18 sep still no contractions or bleeding they say my baby is a big bag

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thanks jasmine

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Best to listen to your gynae, take care!

Best to listen to your gynae advise

If gynae advice, best is to listen to your gynae

thanks lina h

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If it's the gynae's advice definitely you should follow, they have all the experience and should know best

I will wait

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the doctor say don take the risk cause of cholostasis my

thanks tina

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I was told the same thing and managed to induce naturally via massage! https://followmywanders.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/review-madam-partum-prenatal-and-postnatal-massages/