Anyone Here Choose To Induce Or C Section At 39 Weeks Due To Big Baby?

Hi, I'm currently 38+ weeks and base on last gynae visit my body show no signs of going into labour yet. Gynae ask me go back on the 39 week and to make a decision on whether want to induce or c section as my baby is quite large. Last visit at 38 weeks is already ard 3.5 kg. If wait too long baby may be 4kg or above. Any Mummies here have experience delivering large babies? Did you choose to induce earlier or chose c section? Which is more recommended?

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Benefit of normal delivery is faster recovery compares to csect. However during the process of inducing baby, there are cases when baby is not able to be delivered via normal delivery smoothly, example is when baby’s shoulder is stuck and need to use forceps to take baby out. In that condition, mother will be asked for the option of using forceps (with the risk of having cone-head baby) or go with c-section. In that condition, usually the mother already have dilation but baby is stuck inside. So in the end if mother chose for csect, the mother ended up getting more wound. If you badly wants to go with normal delivery, can opt for induce.

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Hi ladies. I’m a ftm and I am 37 weeks today to be exact. I was told by my doctor that I got to be induced next week when I’m on my 38 weeks. I’m really worried. Is it alright to be induced and was also told baby is in position and baby is slightly small as Mommy is small too. I’m really worried and have got so much of thoughts running in my head. Need some advice please help

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Any reason why the need to be induced? I’d rather not. I’m very petite and my baby is on the smaller side too, but I gave birth naturally at 39 weeks.

hi!!! im currently in my 39wks + 3 and im having the same problemm as well........ gynae checked 3.4-3.5kg and my cervix no openings at all so gynae said most probably overdue next week or next two weeks which means baby might be bigger... i really dnt know which to decide try natural or go for elective csect.. how was yours?

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What do u prefer? For me... I wanted a natural delivery but told gynae I will wait and see the situation when baby is due. If can natural will opt for natural and if need c sec will then go c sec