1. Which is e correct way to prepare formula milk? a. Pour water into e milk bottle to e desired amount. Then, add e right portion of milk powder. b. Add e desired amount of milk powder into e milk bottle. Then, pour water into e milk bottle to e water level which is needed. 2. If prepared the wrong way, will it have any bad effects on baby in e long run?

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the correct way to prepare milk is .. Pour water to the desired amount then add milk powder . as milk powder also consist of volume it self . it will not be accurate and also method A will be correct as u can still adjust the temperatures of the water if it too hot or too cold before pouring the powder in .

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A) is the correct way But I usually use B) No bad effects just that is difficult to dissolve the powder. My bb poos Everyday. No constipation. He has been on fm since day3. N is turning 1 yr old in less than 2 wks

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Water first then milk powder. Because then you know how much water there is exactly. Also, the one time my hubby accidentally pour powder before water, it couldn't mix well cos all the powder got stuck at the bottom.

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a) correct method. b) in the long run, probably bad constipation only as it's very concentrated. Milk powder consist of volume itself. Thus it cannot be accurate when it comes to pouring water after that.

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Hmm. Ok. Will check it out wif them. 👌

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Method A, water before powder! But please follow the ratio as per instructions on the formula tin, DO NOT try to dilute or thicken the formula.

A.) is the correct way . If you prepare the milk wrongly like b.) may cause bub t hav constipation as its gonna be much more concentrated ..

water first then milk. it is good to prepare correctly because you don't want baby to be constipated or too heaty.

A is correct , water first and then milk powder

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water first then add milk powder

It should be A