Transiting from milk bottle to cup

Hi my toddler is turning 2 in a couple of days. How do I get her to drink her milk in a cup instead of e milk bottle esp since e childcare still gives them the bottle in e afternoon? She does not sleep w e bottle. We brush her teeth after her milk n before she turns in for the night.

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Hi, since she doesn't sleep with the bottle is slightly easier i think. You can wean her off bottle slowly by removing the nipple off the bottle and replace it with a straw first to slowly let her get used to it, then remove the straw eventually. Tell her that milk comes in a straw/cup form now. or...go cold turkey... just remove all bottles and tell her now she is a big girl she would start to use a "big girl" cup for her milk. bring her shopping to choose her own cup. make it like a fun activity for her.

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