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Travelling with baby
Anyone travelled with Budget airline with 18mo ??
A few times with air asia. It was fine. Not as comfortable due to tighter space, but nothing bad. We were fine as it was only for a few hours. Choose flight timings carefully, i prefer to coincide w
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yes i did
Anyone sews here? Any affordable user friendly compact sewing machine to recommend??
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Brother one is nice.
I use Janome. It's really good. A Lil old school. But durable.
My mum use basic Brother brand machine. Quite easy
Dont really sew.. but brother brand seems reliable to me.. can check out at stores like courts or harvey norman.
Very troubled over 1 yo birthday party. Wanna diy dessert table but idk how to gauge the quantity per food item to buy. How many pastries should I get? How many pieces per pastries should I get? I wil
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Honestly speaking, usually dessert tables are just good for phototaking purposes - which is also kind of why people don't eat the things there, because the table has to look "full" and "extravagant" f
I'm sure guests will elaborate do u want ur dessert table to be? Guests just eat whatever is available Lor... if there are less, they eat less. If there are more, have some containers for th
Is there any app to upload newborn photos n it will be stored at the app instead of my Phone? Cuz my phone is so retarded n always have limited memory issue
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i transfer to all FB and set as pte.
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I store it here on TheAsianParent albums :)
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I stored in a 32GB thumb drive and a 1TB hard drive! Also post the important moments on Instagram with date and caption of the milestones, then compile it into a photo book after his birthday each yea
I transfer mine to Facebook and put it under private settings. I also have a hard disk. and drop box app to upload everything there.
i use peekaboo as well as storing in portable hard disk.. peekaboo is gd to share among family members and close friends
There's are so many bottles and accessories to sterilise. N my steriliser has limited storage. How do I keep those sterile bottles n accessories? Can I keep them In air tight container n leave it at r
I always leave them in steriliser n only take out when I want to use
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I leave them in the sterilizer until next use. I dont sterilize every 2 hours.
Hi. You may find this article useful:
I always leave in the sterilizer only.
Leave in sterilizer or just cap it up. If u scared, u can sterilize before use again. Maybe u shld try to reduce the number of things u use?
What birthday present should I get for a 12 year old girl? I only know she likes K pop bands and I know nothing about K stuff. I was thinking any toys or colouring books is so outdated and not age app
Hey, For 12 year-old, you can buy; clothes, books. She is about to enter teens and it is quite a confusing time for kids this age, so you can gift her book on how teens are like and teens related iss
12 year old are at a age of proceeding to secondary school. Stationery or Accessories would be great. Since CNY is round the corner, probably some clothes? Best way if to get vouchers! she can b
How about a bag? Something like a satchel bag or anello bag ( You can also consider maybe stationery from smiggle (