I'm planning to mix my Bm into food puree for my bb, Pls adv how do I freeze my Bm into smaller cubes in ice tray n what's e proper way of storing it? Cos keeping them in e usual milk storage bags doesn't seem to be e way, THX:)

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You can freeze them in trays and then transfer them into ziplock bags when the cubes are frozen. However, I would advise that you purée your food with water instead, and then freeze them. When you wish to offer it to your baby, thaw the cube and stir in fresh EBM. That way, the food taste would not be destroyed by the metallic tasting thawed FBM.

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I will just puree the food as it is with minimal water & freeze it. And only add in warm/freshly pumped ebm after i have warm up the puree. BM thins out puree real quick too. I wont advise to use frozen bm due to the metallic taste.

I would not advise you to mix the milk during preparation but rather use water to prepare and cook, freeze. Then when you want to use it, warm up and add in the fresh bm. In that way the milk Remains fresh.