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I tried a few diapers for my nb, 18 days new now and abt 3+kg . Need some recommendations for diapers. Merries : smells bad after 1-2hrs and light pee. Intend to expand a lot. So have to change way too often. Huggies : small cutting absorb pee well but intend to expand alot too after bby pee. Change of diapers slightly lesser than merries. Pampers : just nice cutting . Other than that somehow like huggies. Mamypoko : smells bad but lesser than merries. Absorbed ok2 only. Any other diapers to recommend or and trial pack to get from?

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Try goon from Japan which you can buy online Qoo10 or Lazada - read reviews online that it’s great for LO and they won’t get diaper rash. Hasn’t looked back since!

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Mamypoko extra dry is working well for my lo. No smell and can last more than 6h unless he poop. Baby sleep through night with it. Tried Drypers before, not bad too

Peekapoo is good but cutting runs small for my meaty LO 🤭 Merries has wider cutting with good holding power. Hmm but I only buy online for the Made in Japan Merries.

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I’m unsure of the difference because I have only gotten those Made in Japan. But when browsing online, I will see some of them labelled as premium and MIJ while others are not. So far *touch wood* my LO don’t have leaking issues even though the diapers is heavily soaked after 6-8h *opps*

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Rascal and friends! I tried all brands since my daughter is newborn, now at 7 months, found that R&F is the best for her. No diaper rash since birth too!

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Try peekapoo. I’m abit sceptical about t initially. Alot of mix review for this diaper. But well, it works better than our current famous brand

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Beside than the brands mentioned the other big ones are goon and drypers. Maybe try all big brands and see which one better

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U could try rascal and friends or peekaboo. I personally like pampers premium as Huggies give my girl rashes.

Would definitely recommend rascal + friends. absorbancy can last through the night without changing.

PeekaPoo has really got absorbance. Been using that..can last thru 8hours in the night.

I used peekapoo and pampers premium. Peekapoo diapers have lesser smell from the pee.