heart ache mummy

I just spilled my breastmilk And it's freshly pressed ?

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Hahaha is fine when I was sick I pumped and throw the milk. Dont worry every 2hrs there will be a fresh one again.

Super Mum

Oh no! Drink more water and have a good rest for a good pumping session next time.

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I did that many times with my haakaa, and the worst part is it spills to my mattress

3y ago

same, last time I spill 90ml to mattress, sad but hv to immediately chance the bedsheet also

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That happened to me too. Lesson learnt - to be more careful next time. 😔

Oh dear... it’s ok it happens to everyone ... don’t blame yourself

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Oh dear... I know how it feels. Next time cover it once after pump.

Super Mum

I know how you feel... it’s quite heartbreaking. Hang in there!

Awww.. totally feel you! Just be more careful next time :)

Hugs to you mum! Don't be sad, just be careful and move on

Omg I feel you. Will really want to tear... jiayou!