I've created a resource bank for learning through play on Google Drive, it's still work-in-progress but there's already some materials uploaded! I'm charging a *one-time fee of $5* for access to the resource bank as I'm creating the content myself - an *invitation link would be sent to your email* upon payment. The resource bank includes: - guides on sensory activities and bins - parenting resources and tips - resources on speech delay - resources on autism spectrum disorder - curated list of play areas, online/retail stores, learning resources etc - rentals of learning resources (coming soon!) Please fill up this form if you'd like access to the resource bank:

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Looks interesting


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Example of resources available for sensory bins so far!

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๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป thumbs up mummy!!

I think for starters you may want to share some examples.. otherwise, it may not be so easy to get people sign up for something that they can Google.... show us the point of difference and people will start supporting. Good luck!

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Hard to do so here hehe, but resources are based on my experience and learning points from others as a single mum with an almost 3yo son who has speech delay :)