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To parents who bring your kids overseas to travel as a family, do you save now and enjoy later or enjoy now and save later? If you saved before your trip, how much do you budget in? Just enough for your trip's expenses, or do you budget some extra for food, gifts and unexpected expenses during your trip so that you still have enough spare cash when you come back? If you take trips without saving beforehand, do you end up not having enough money after your trip, or do you have emergency funds saved up in your bank as backup?

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When it comes to family travel, finding the right balance between saving and enjoying the experience is key. While some prefer to save beforehand to ensure a stress-free trip with ample budget for expenses and unexpected costs, others may opt to enjoy now and save later, relying on emergency funds as a backup. Regardless of the approach, it's essential to consider both short-term enjoyment and long-term financial security. If you're planning a trip, especially to Morocco, where memorable experiences await, exploring budget-friendly options like those offered by Kingdom Morocco Tours from Casablanca could be a fantastic choice. Check out their page at for desert trips that cater to various budgets and ensure an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.

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Definitely save now enjoy later, will factor in all cost and spend within means. Necessity have to be factor in first like food, accommodation etc. Shopping will be on Budget when I’m there.

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Thanks for the info :) Would like to bring my son travelling some time, but I just wonder how much exactly should I set aside in order to cover enough to still have spare cash when we come back - how much do you set aside for unexpected expenses like shopping or anything that you didn't expect beforehand?