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A mommy Stranger taking photo of your LO & their kid
Are you ok with that or not? if not, why?
I am not comfortable abt it
nope I wont allow
I don't allow this. You never know what they will do with the photo.
Nope. Just not comfortable with it.
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I won't allow
Helper’s daily chores
Hi can you guys share your helper’s daily chores especially when your kid goes to school full day (8am-5pm)
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We have a 4 bedder, so she will do basic cleaning (dusting, sweeping and mopping), she will then wash one of the toilets and prepare lunch.
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My house is not very big, so no cos there’s really not much to do. But generally if I see something out of place I will do something about it myself and not wait for my helper to do it.
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This is a typical weekday for my helper 6.30 - wake up, shower, walk dog, make breakfast for herself and my kid 7 - wake up kid, shower her, feed her breakfast 8- leave for preschool with kid and p
Keen to know too. Been wanting to hire helper
Any family activity on Mother’s day?
To recommend
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Just wondering.. which place is nice to go to in singapore to have a picnic?
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family picnic
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This year maybe can go check out Jewel Changi if you haven’t gone gua...
my family loves going to gardens by the bay. both young and old have lotsa fun!
Pirateland Playground is good!
Just to share: Sunday we went to Pirateland at centerpoint orchard, the place is good for toddler 😉 & it’s not crowded for a weekend 💓
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing!
Any Easter sunday event for LO?
Suggestions where to bring LO for a fun easter egg hunting experience ? 😊
Tanglin mall has an Easter event on 13 and 14 from 11am to 4 pm
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You can try here :) happy Easter
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I wanna spend my Easter weekend at Paradigm Mall JB! Who's coming along? I hears there's a Mad Hatters tea party, Easter egg hunts, Easter crafts and more! http://www.paradigmmall.com.my/jb/event_de
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think there are events at tanglin mall!
Force to nap
Do you force your kid to nap in the morning or you just let them play till tired then nap?
It depends on how old your child is. My daughter stopped napping during daytime when she turned 4. It helped her sleep faster at night (and it also helped to set a routine for school).
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It depends on how old your LO is and what time he/she wakes up in the morning... How many hours awake before you want kid to nap.. Usually, I will allow the older kid to play till tired then nap, but
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I let my LO nap whenever she is tired. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
Usually just let them play till they seem tired. It helps to burn off excess energy. But still, try to stick to a consistent routine for their nap time.
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depends on the age of my kids. normally will just let them play till tired then nap
How do you encourage 15mos old to speak?
Most times he mumble (i guess the baby talk) haha 😆 though he listens to instructions & follows. (It’s amazing when he follows) i wonder if he really understood but it seems like it 😂
Baby loves facial expressions so it helps when you exaggerate them a little. And engaging in baby talk with a slightly higher pitch could help too.
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This speech stages among children is helpful: https://sg.theasianparent.com/when-do-babies-talk I can say your kid is on track if he can already follow simple instructions.. my daughter was also still
Talk to your baby often
Continue conversing with him as how you would with an older child. I avoid baby talk so as to not encourage him to mumble even more. I also tend to exaggerate and enunciate some words in hoping that h
maaf saya tidak bisa berbahasa inggris
15mos LO night milk
Is it normal at this age that they still cry for milk for every 2-3hrs? Ate solid food dinner 7pm, 8:30pm sleeping time will drink 350ml milk, will cry for milk (100ml) - 11:30/12am , 3/3:30am, 6/6:30
My son is 15month as well and yes he still wakes up at least twice for milk feeds even if he has had solids for dinner and milk before he goes to sleep.He doesnt exactly cry for milk but he'll toss an
Getting bored SAHM ?
If you were opening a small home based business what would it be?
Beauty services, tuition, sell things online?
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I would love to do eyebrow embroidery
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beauty services!!.
I sell earrings online!
Yoga Instructor or Freelance Web Designer
potty training
how old should we start potty training?
You can start at 2 years
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Depends on individual ~ usually 2 years
let it go with d flows...dnt force....theres time he will automatically want to go to toilet bowl instead potty...