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How do you encourage 15mos old to speak?

Most times he mumble (i guess the baby talk) haha 😆 though he listens to instructions & follows. (It’s amazing when he follows) i wonder if he really understood but it seems like it 😂
Continue conversing with him as how you would with an older child. I avoid baby talk so as to not encourage him to mumble even more. I also tend to exaggerate and enunciate some words in hoping that h

15mos LO night milk

Is it normal at this age that they still cry for milk for every 2-3hrs? Ate solid food dinner 7pm, 8:30pm sleeping time will drink 350ml milk, will cry for milk (100ml) - 11:30/12am , 3/3:30am, 6/6:30
My son is 15month as well and yes he still wakes up at least twice for milk feeds even if he has had solids for dinner and milk before he goes to sleep.He doesnt exactly cry for milk but he'll toss an

Getting bored SAHM ?

If you were opening a small home based business what would it be?
Yoga Instructor or Freelance Web Designer

potty training

how old should we start potty training?
Depends on individual ~ usually 2 years

Empty fm tin cans

Any suggestions on what to do with empty formula tin cans? Or can it be donated? ☺️

Congee Recipe

Can anyone share how to cook a smooth congee? Like a hongkong style ☺️ not the dry one. Thanks in advance
1) Soak rice overnight. 2) Throw away the excess water in the morning and then put in new water and bring to a boil. 3) Throw in salmon fish when it looks like it is almost done. Stir. Wait for it to
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Valentine’s day

What are your plans?
Going to eat tandoori chicken and curry at our favourite Indian restaurant!

Lion dance performance list

Does anyone know where i can bring my LO around singapore to watch lion dance?
Most neighborhood malls organize lion dance performances. Check out their websites for information.

LO Showing tantrums in public

What do you guys do if your 13mos old LO throw tantrums in public? How to discipline them?
We used to bring LO to a quiet corner to let him cry/scream it out. In the public you will feel the pressure to give in, so just go to an area where there is nobody or lesser ppl (usually the stairc

Where to buy bathroom animal stickers?

Hoping to find animal stickers that can be stick to wall tiles so that my LO will be entertained while taking a bath.
You could try places like Toys R Us