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Hi all, my baby is coming to 11 mths old and I am hoping to stop breastfeeding soon. Since he was 6 mth old, I had been trying different formula milk but still can't find ideal one Nan HA - he totally hate the taste. Would vomit out the milk even before he swallow Nan Optipro - he would drink but only very little. He's just drinking sufficient (30 to 60ml) to stop the hunger. Friso - he seem to like the taste abit better and can finish a 120ml bottle but we note that he tend to vomit more when he is on friso. Alot of phlegm Similac - similar to friso. But instead of vomit it's constipation. Any mummies with similar experience and have recommendations for formula milk? Please share!

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Hi mummy heard that enfamil is similar to bm taste too you might want to try

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Try Enfagrow...