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any ways to help me sleep? i am 35 weeks but i cant realy sleep
Drink milk? When I'm 35weeks I'm so exhausted.
how long
how long can i drink confinement red date tea? 2 months okay?
I only drink for a month(confinement period)
only during that month.
Only that confinement 1 month.
Usually one mth. As too heaty
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Hi... I only drank it for a month
coconut water
can i drink it daily
Advisable to have it perhaps 3 to 4 times a week. I have it on alternate days or every 2 days or so.
Maybe 3/4 in a week
Not advisable as it is too cooling. U can only start to drink it from the last 2 months of final trimester.
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No.. Plesse dont drink it daily. Its too cold for the womb. Usually drink only on the 34th week onwards. Start with 1 per week. 36th week onwards can drink 2 per week.
coconut water??
is it good? how often should i drink
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Yes, can start during 3rd tri
Drink once a week at 3rd trimester
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Once or twice at last trimester
Only can drink green color coconut at your last trimesters weekly 1. So your baby will come out very clean.
Good for the baby. It will come out clean during delivery. But it’s cooling so u can only start drinking from final trimester onwards. Once or twice per week until delivery.
best nappy rash
is this good
thumb image
Should be OK. I using desitin though..
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Yes. Puréen products are good
sour stuffs during preggy?
Yes in moderation
It’s fine with moderation
grapefruit during preggy?
Yes it’s fine.
Didn't had grapefruit but more on oranges.
Never had. It’s bitter for my liking.
any good paediatrician at thomson medical to recommend?
eyebrow embroidery
is it possible to do eyebrow embroidery when pregnant
Yes it’s possible.
It is possible... but best to check with the aesthetician and let them know that u are pregnant.
maternity photoshoot
any cheap and good maternity photoshoot?
I did DIY. Effects turn out quite good too
Pictureswithlove! They having promo. I think it’s $488
Fb ad Emily photography I saw this ad before. Like good deal
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Sometimes you can get good deals on Fave and Carousell