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Baby swimming
When can i bring my baby to swim? He is now 5mth old. Public pool? Condo swimming pool?
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As early as 3mo. I would prefer private pool since baby is still so small
Sleeping positions
My boy 5mth old just know how to flip. Once I saw him sleeping facing down. Any prevention? To avoid him suffocate..
Avoid pillows, blankets, toy stuff etc. Make the cot or mattress empty and only baby himself.
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Once he can flip both directions it is safe to sleep on the tummy since he can flip back easily. You should worry about falling off the bed though, so better to sleep only on mattress or in a cot.
Hey, Avoid putting lot of pillows and stuffed toys as your baby is learning now how to flip
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avoid pillows or soft toy near ur boy
Same here. My LO will sleep sideways and then transit to flip and sleep on her belly. So far, she will always turn her face sideways to breathe. Ensure that there is no pillow or toys blocking her fac
Sleep without milk
My boy coming 5mth. He slept from 8pm to 7am w/o waking up for milk. Is it ok? Normally he will wake up at least once in the night.
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Yes should be fine(:
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As long as your child is growing well, it’s alright
Open wound
Any idea can I apply pawpaw on a cut for toddler?
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I use it on cut and bruises on my son.
Anybody can share on writing a will? Is it necessary to write even you don't have much assets..
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Gd to ve
Belly button
Anybody can advise on how to clean the baby belly button?
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Use a cotton ball with baby oil, or an alcohol swab
Clean with damp cotton bud, works better after during bathing. Do not dig too deep. U might need to clean for several days just to get some stubborn dirt out. Be gentle and patient.
Use a cotton ball with baby oil
Try dip a cotton ball with baby oil and rub on it gently every times after bath until you get rid of the dirt
Use a cotton ball and put a bit lotion or oil den rub it slowly at the belly button .
Sleeping on rocker
Will you wake you baby up if he fell asleep on the rocker to transfer him to cot/bed at night? Or let him sleep through?
Will always transfer them
Cot or bed. Rocker is not safe
For safety is best to watch over the baby at the cot. This can also help to train the baby to sleep at the cot.
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Transfer is better.
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Transfer him to cot
Any sunblock recommendations for children with eczema prone skin? Is cetaphil sun kid good? My daughter is using their body wash & moisturizer..
Any probiotic to recommend for 4 year old?
Yakult should be good
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As per docs recommendation yogurt is the best .. it hv natural probiotics ..
Vitagen or yakult is fine
Bio Gaia which can be used for babies too - can add to food etc.
My 4yo daughter told me her vaginal pain. I suspect UTI. Should I monitor or bring her to doc? Tml sat, most clinic not open. Polyclinic oso some 1/2 day
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Please bring your child to see a doctor
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I think it’s better to bring.
Have u bring her for check up?Hopefully all will be fine
Does her pee smells pungent? Is she running a fever? I'll suggest u bring to pd asap so they can do a urine dip stick test for her. Do NOT delay as UTI can cause damage to their kidney if not treated
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Can try to rinse / soak her lower body in salt water