My Baby Can't Sleep And Always Wants To Play At Night

Hi mommies, I have troubling handling my 2++ month LO. Whenever she's with my mom, she can sleep on her arm and sleep quietly with her on the bed. But when I do the same thing my mom did, all my LO did was crying for attention. I have fed her alot of times, make her burp but she looks like she sees me as her playmate, being dramatic, I even carried her around, shushing her to sleep. I don't want to bother my mom alot so she can make her sleep. ? How to make her sleep? ? My arms are so tired after carrying her around...

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Looks like your baby is used to smelling your mom before she sleeps! Will be better soon. What I did was after my nanny left, I took full charge of my baby girl. She got use to it almost immediately, but I stil need 1-2 hours to carry and rock her to sleep! I Guess it鈥檚 normal 馃槶. Prolly I have a high demand baby.

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3y ago

Yessssss. If cannot tahan try to use carrier la ok. Now my baby 8kg still want to be carried most of the time. Prolly because I latch on demand. Can smell my milk 馃槄