After Labor And Go Home Via Taxi

Hi, I need to know if it's necessary to buy a car seat for the infant when you're going home via taxi after labor in hospital? Or you can just hold the infant close to your chest? Will taxi take you?

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Legally, taxis allow infants and toddlers to board without car seat, but not Grab. That doesn’t mean it’s safe cos research has shown that babies without car seats (eg carrying on arms) have higher risk of injury than with car seats. So no, it’s not safer to carry your newborn on your arm. Even limousine service to send you home doesn’t mean a car seat is not required. It’s just a service to send you home and safety is not guaranteed. This is especially so when taxi and Grab drivers are driving whole day, may lack sleep as they’re under stress to make money to cover cost of rental and make a living, you won’t know what kind of driver you have gotten when you board the taxi or Grab. At the end of the day, it depends on tour priority- baby’s safety vs saving money. So does saving money outweigh your baby’s safety? It’s up to the parents to decide.

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4y ago

For taxi, legally, no need car seat, but sometimes, legally don’t need doesn’t mean it’s safe.

For taxis, you are allowed to carry your baby with you without a car seat. But for grab, you need a carseat as u are not allowed to carry your baby in.

Hey, You can hold the baby and travel in taxi but if you are taking grab, make sure the car has infant seat as otherwise they won't allow

it's fine dear we also bring our LO home via taxi.. on 1st Jan just hold him her closely. so u no need to buy car seat n all.

3y ago

In a case of an accident the baby is at risk to swing out of your arms. A car seat helps secure the baby hence the ruling.

You can just hold your newborn baby close to your chest and yes taxi will take you but for grabcar some dont really allow

I went home w a taxi. Best to book so you dont have to wait in the queue. I just carried baby in my arms

Taxi and gojek can, but grab they don’t allow infants unless you have your own car seat.

Only normal taxi will accept you carrying baby without car seat so cannot take grab

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Previously what I did was just hold the infant when taking cab home after discharge

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Normal taxi ok. Grab NO. Unless is grab with infant car seat.