Mala instant hotpot

can my wife eat mala instant hotpot during pregnancy?

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Super Mum

Instant one might not be so healthy because of the preservatives (same as instant noodle) so if she really wants maybe try the real one? Instant one also can eat but not so often


Better stay away from spicy food during pregnancy coz that causes very uncomfortable indigestion and heart burns

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It's not so healthy and spicy food may cause heartburn. But once a while due to cravings should be alright :)

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Eat in moderation. Pregnancy causes women to be more prone to heartburn and spice can aggravate it.


Can.. I ate 3days before i gave birth.. the one selling at kopitiam.. lol.. its good...

Not so often. Eat in moderation. Careful as it can cos heartburn.

In moderation is ok but not very spicy

Super Mum

Once/twice OK. Don't eat too often.

not too often. moderation is key!

Not too often would be fine