What advisable to eat during pregnancy ?

What do you all eat during pregnancy ? Can spicy food like Mala be taken ?

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Super Mum

I ate whatever I wanted but healthily and in moderation! Spicy food was my craving too but eating it everyday would be overkill. I think what I have to say is - just eat healthily. Have smaller and more frequent meals as you progress in your pregnancy to prevent that uncomfortable feeling of heartburn or bloated ness or even being so full you can’t breathe properly. Eat safely too - I avoided uncooked food like sashimi or even half boiled eggs. If something smelled funky or looked dodgy I steered clear.

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Super Mum

I take! But it’s 小辣, less oil. I scare my digestive may not be as good, scare of diarrhoea and later I will panic again. Moderation is ok! And I share with my hubby. Just want to eat to curb the crave :)

I take clear tomyum soup . yummy . is little spicy and sour. once or twice a week... should be OK...:D

I ate what I felt like eating, except raw food. so yes I did enjoy my mala once in a while!

Hi, Please take spicy food in moderation

Super Mum

Better to take spicy food in moderation


I try to avoid spicy if possible

In moderation!