My wife anjie love to cook and i really appreciate how she cares and loves us . One time when i got home from work she cooked dinner for us but when i taste the food its quite bad and i told her about that, but unfortunately she was offended :( I think i did something wrong huhu... What should i do to please her ?

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First, we need to consider and accept the fact that women are women. There are times, or should I say most of the time, we are sensitive. Being the queen of the house obliges us a lot of responsibilities to accomplish-one of those thousands jobs at home would be to please our husband. But, there will still be some bad days when even if we try to give you the best, "worst" finds it way. Coming from the women's side, there wouldn't be any sweeter way to reconcile on this but to apologize, do something extraordinarily romantic and assure us that no matter how bad the food tastes, still, we will be the best for you and don't forget to tell your wife that you will love her more and more each day that not even a bad tasting food would prevent you from doing that. One thing more, be sincere while doing these :)

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Bro, you've just learned a lesson. If the food cooked by your wife tastes bad, just ignore it, just eat the food and appreciate the effort that she has put on it. Women are too sensitive and emotional if you say "parang kulang ng konting asin", boom! Your family dinner is ruined. At home, I know that my wife is not fond of salty food, everything that she cooks is "matabang" so what I always do is I always prepare my own dipping sauce or sawsawan, patis with chili! Just a bit of advice. :D

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sorry but i thought this was quite a cute post :) you already shared how you know your wife loves you and wants to cook for you, but the fact that she may not be a good cook and you ended up mentioning it directly is what made her upset. don't worry, i am sure you can make it up to her by showing her how much you love her :) and hey, why not try to join a cooking class together as a couple that will give you both the chance to cook and surprise each other?

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Women are usually sensitive as we all know. People around her just need to be extra careful on how to deliver a news our state a comment. As husband, you know your wife better I suppose. You can try to compliment him for her efforts instead, then tell her your observation on how she did the cooking. I'm sure if it was said on a sweeter and more polite tone, she won't get offended that much.

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How did you deliver the message? I mean the method of communication between you? Perhaps you have sounded judgemental. You just have to let her know that you're giving the comment constructively and I think if she's open minded she wont be hurt. :)

No matter how bad the food is, still thank her for cooking and spending time for your family. Eat them all and make her feel that everythings tastes so good.

just eat and ignore. or politely feed back when she is in a good mood. aiyo! be more tactful

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eat & ignore Appreciate her effort