Who hates their mil? ?‍♀️ Always scold my children when bad mood. Good mood will say "come ah ma love u" damn pissed off with her. I cooked porridge for my 8 month old boy but he don't like to eat. She will comment "aiya your mummy don't know how to cook lah" she never put this, never put that. What the f she know I never put. When my helper said, mom got put. She LL. Change and say "aiya, you must cook like this & like that" ? damn irritated when I hear her voice.

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I won't say hate but not appreciated. For example, bought new phone for her recently because my wife said her mother's phone bit old. What did I get? She said the phone is heavy. Is 180g heavy? I don't know. Anyway, I believe ladies will put their phone in their handbag. Walked to and fro for 5km from hotel to get her favorite bread during holidays as she didn't like the dinner. Bought 2 in case she not enough. What I got was buy so many. 😂 Actually my wife also same as her. 😂 She asked me to buy sanitary pad for her. I bought two packets since on promotion. What I got was why buy different type and two packets some more. I have checked with the Retail Assistant and was told change packaging before I bought. 😂 My mother cooked for her since we married but sometimes she will say her favorite dish not spicy enough. I told her my mother has to cater for the majority (my siblings and their spouse) as all don't take too spicy and her spicy tolerance is very high. Lots more but period here. 😂

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🙋mine would say nonsense to baby like your papa or mama dont care about you; why your mama so lazy never change your diaper (it was like 1min after baby poop and we know there's more to come); why are you crying are you hungry (when she just had her feed 10mins ago). And the best thing? She didnt want to acknowledge that my baby is calling "mama"! Keep asking her why you keep getting hungry keep saying mam mam🙄 i would tell her off. why dont they realise what they say would affect baby's growth and development? Babies may seem too young ro understand but they do!

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Me! She love to cook porridge at one shot for lunch and dinner. She place half of the porridge in the fridge and when bout dinner time she takes out and re cook. My aunt advise me not to do so as it will cause upset tummy. So I told her what my aunt said he reply was power “ Don’t listen to other ppl la, no such things” I roll my eyes 360•c. Or whenever I buy new stuffs for my boy, her comment was he grow v fast don’t need buy or even if I introduce ready to eat food she will say this one is preserved food not healthy! They have got many theory to say

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE, I HATE MY MIL TO THE CORE TOO. I admit I am more to the pantang type (e.g. don't eat pineapples and sotong), she mocked at me for being superstitious and asked me to eat more. Certain food I don't eat even before my pregnancy (e.g. guava and avocado), she will reprimand me for not eating such nutritious food and not feeding my baby with nutrients.

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Sotong and stingray is said cannot be eaten because of soft bones (pantang reason).

😀 when i needed her most, she wasnt there. Now she nothing to do want to help me? No way.

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Distance is better lol