My wife anjie love to cook and i really appreciate how she cares and loves us . One time when i got home from work she cooked dinner for us but when i taste the food its quite bad and i told her about that, but unfortunately she was offended :( I think i did something wrong huhu... What should i do to please her ?

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Bro, you've just learned a lesson. If the food cooked by your wife tastes bad, just ignore it, just eat the food and appreciate the effort that she has put on it. Women are too sensitive and emotional if you say "parang kulang ng konting asin", boom! Your family dinner is ruined. At home, I know that my wife is not fond of salty food, everything that she cooks is "matabang" so what I always do is I always prepare my own dipping sauce or sawsawan, patis with chili! Just a bit of advice. :D

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