Why my baby wake up in midnight being so awake. I feed him change his diaper and he still cry excessively unconsolable reject everything. His temperature is normal. I am tired trying to smooth him for hrs. But he still keep crying.. what's wrong? I did everything I can.

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Hey mummy, your son is still really young! Like what Jaslyn said, you can try imagining being in a warm, cozy and dark space for over 9 months - being fed whenever you needed without the need to ask for it. Then suddenly, you're "thrown" into a big, bright, loud place with A TON of space to move about ... It's a really scary world for newborns! Sometimes, when all their other needs are taken care of, they just want a little bit more comfort from us to reassure them that it's okay - because they're used to being with us, hearing our voices and even our scent for months ... it's natural that they just want to be close to their mothers a little more!

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Do you swaddle your baby or apply ruyi oil on the baby or even put husk babypillow on his stomach? Your baby may be used to warm and cozy environment in your womb. Need to help him adjust to new environment! Mine took for about two to three months to adjust. Don't fret! Jiayou!

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could it be colic? You can try giving baby colic drops to rid wind. Secondly, go some tummy excersies for him, it will help him to remove the air by farting. He will feel better and less bloated.

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Feed? Diaper? Both done i assume. Have you tried switching on the lights? Also how old is baby and how many nights has thos happened repeatedly?

7y ago

yah tried lights off . my LO is 1 month going to 3 weeks. he is behaving like this for the past 4 days.

Its totally normal. He is so tiny!!! It will keep changing. Most likely colic. Does this happen at the same time every night?

Scare? Since they are like in a new environment after being in ur womb for so Long? How abt playing some soothing music ?