Just to rant. I went shopping mall with my LO and his eyes were wide open all the way for like 3hrs I put him in stroller. In between feed him when he gets abit canky and I try to smooth him to sleep and he did fall asleep but awhile later he awake and start to stare with his eye brown frowning. And he suddenly cry non stop. Loud and screaming kind of cry. I try to smooth him.. he don't want to drink milk or change diaper but he just want to sleep. On the way I walk back to my car to smooth him down as the shopping mall is crowded and noisy, and LO just non stop crying , all the shopper there just keep on staring like I did something wrong and still not giving way when I am rushing back to my car so I can calm him down at a quite place. My LO is 1 month 3 weeks. This is the first time I bring him out for shopping. Maybe he is too young to bring to shopping mall..

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Hi mummy. I think spending such a long time outside is quite a shock for him and even more so if he is unable to get his naps in time - they will be overtired and cranky. When go out, they like to ok at things and lights and all the sounds and all are very stimulating for them so it will tier them out even faster. IF u only intend to use a stroller, pls ensure that it is comfy (has the infant inserts/cushioning) and have the stroller facing u. Practically speaking, u should really just babywearing ur child in a ringsling (most comfortable) or wrap (next in line) or a carrier. Baby can be kept close to u and the warmth and sense of security will help them calm down, u walking around and talking to them so closely will help them fall asleep. Don't give up. Join and discover the wonders of babywearing - it will make ur life so much easier - calmer baby, save ur hands too, baby can sleep in it too

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Might be over stimulated? Consider carrying baby in a baby carrier to help reduce the risk of over stimulation. I've brought my 3.5mo out a few times a week right after my confinement ended. Always in a baby carrier so that she feels secure and can tune out by facing me when she feels overwhelmed by the surroundings. Join us at Babywearing Singapore to find out more about baby carriers and safe Babywearing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/babywearingsg/

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I think he could be over-stimulated, especially if the environment at home is quiet in general! Some kids are okay, but others take a little longer to be out - I only brought my LO out when he was 3-4 months old, and it was only for short walks or a quick meal 😅 To really go out to the mall and shop, I think we took 8-9 months.

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I'm not sure abt urs but I brought mine out even during confinement and 1 month few days old to wedding banquet . Was ur house very quiet during the day ? During the day time it is best not to be too quiet even when bb is trying to slp .. to teach them to differentiate day n night

Yes sweetheart, he is merely 3 months old. Babies at such a young age need a consistent routine. It will help you once you have your routine established. Also somehow these babies need our 100% attention at all times lol. Its frustrating as well for me.