11 month baby keep wake up at midnight cry

Hi mummy, my baby wake up at midnight around 3am and cry recently. I feed milk and he fall asleep & wanted to put him to bed he cry again, make him sleep again , put to his bed cry again. Have been these few days, no fever no flu. Can any mummy advise ? Feel very tired. #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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Maybe he’s having colic? Try baby massage his tummy? Or probably cold/hot? Teething could be the reason also. Just hold him on the bed with him facing you on your body and let him sleep like that for a while. You can try to co-sleep with him and pat him too.

My baby has same issue even before she reaches 9 month. We suspected it's colic, growth spurt or sleep regression. We were pretty helpless at that time too. But it went away in a couple of days. Hope you and your LO will overcome it soon.

3mo ago

Thank you. She’s still crying every night midnight now. Hope she can sleep overnight soon:)

sounds like his teething.... try feeding him first than apply teeth numbing gel on baby gums.... my boy also like that after apply the gel within 5 min he sleep back

Maybe teething, stomach pain, nightmares or just sleep regression

put in another room and let baby cry it out. monitor thru cctv