Why is my baby 1 month and 2 weeks old keep being awake at midnight and not wanting to sleep.. is it normal? Or must i keep smoothing him to sleep and make him a habit of sleeping at night? I latch him and bottle feed him, sometimes he reject bottle and sometimes he reject my breast. He will suddenly cry and scream not wanting any of it. Don't know is it nipple confusion. So tiring, every day around 11pm he will start to be awake or wanting milk for like 4 hrs.

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Hi mama. Could bur baby be going through a growth spurt? In the first few weeks it is quite closely spaced, with respect to ur child there is one at about 4-6 weeks and at 2-3wks. So u may find that baby sleeping ok already then suddenly like more fussy or sleep a lot or sleep v little again. It is not nipple confusion by the way because baby do drink from both bottle and nipple. Rejection is likely because baby does not want to drink anymore? Maybe his soother is not nipple or pacifier but hug or some other soother? Is his sleeping pattern established yet on better days? Keep the day bright and night dark. Have naps every 2-3hrs, sufficient naps will ensure its easier to put baby to sleep at night. If baby occasionally does this wake four a long time thing, just let him play a little - say for half an hr then try to put him to sleep again - this is to help ur sanity Just have to keep trying and persist longer otherwise take a break like i mentioned. U may want to try babywearing baby in a rings Ling or carrier as it helps calm them down better and help them fall asleep. Use it sparingly if possible tho otherwise it will form a habit for some

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Hey dear, perfectly normal.. Baby is so tiny. There is a lot for him to go through. At this moment, bear with it and be patient. It could also be colic, why not try the colic massage?