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My little gal always has lots of phlegm when having flu. It takes a long time to recover. I always heartache when I see her coughing till vomit. Is there any preventive method?
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Can take probiotics to build up immunity. I’m using Biogaia.
Prevent cold food and fried/heaty food
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Don't use the aircon. Try steaming up the toilet with hot water and let you LO hang around in the toilet with you for some time. The humidity will loosen phlegm
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Make sure she eats plenty of fruits and veggies and drinks Lots of water.
My baby started on solids last month. She recently strains when she is going to poop. Her poop is not in pallet form, but quite dry. She cried when pooping yesterday night. We realised that there is b
Please see a doctor. Mean while make a glucose (250 mls of warm water, 8 spoons of suger and 1 spoon of salt) and give it to her regular...the baby should be fine
My baby will be starting solid food soon,any suggestions on what to give him,how,and what time must he eat
Give her water but it must be boiled first
Same with my little girl..poor baby!
Hard dry poops can cause a scratch was the blood bright red? My son is always constipated I have bin juicing fresh juice for me for the last year. Had to get him off the doctors laxcitves! If you eve
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Hi, May I know how is the herbal bath? My friend just gave birth and currently having her confinement. Some feedback about the bath would be good. Will be passing along the information to her. Th
My LO who just turned one month old recently loves to kick her legs in the air when she sleeps. Is it normal? Should I swaddle her then as I stopped swaddling after 3 weeks? Thanks!
It's normal
The average age to stop swaddling baby is around 3 or 4 months of age.
My baby loves doing it too! She's a little karate kid :) we let her sleep in a sleeping bag so she can kick as much as she wants in the bag ;)
It's normal but there might be a lot reason for it to happen. Well you can swaddle baby to sleep so they feel secure and warm
We swaddled our baby to sleep every night till about 4 months.
What is the side effects of jaundice, besides hearing problem? Thanks.
For darker skin tone babies, changes in skin colour can be more difficult to spot. Yellowing may be more obvious in -whites of their eyes -inside their mouth -on the soles of feet -palms of their hand
Just to add on, I've came across this article and it noted that if if a baby develops jaundice within the first 24 hours of life it can be a sign that they have some underlying problem. Other signs w
The type of jaundice you mentioned, that causes hearing problem is called "Kernicterus". It is a rare but serious complication of untreated jaundice in babies caused by excess bilirubin damaging the b
My LO has been having hiccups the past two days. Have tried different feeding positions, but it just kept coming back. Any suggestions? Thanks!
my pd advised us to prop baby upright, abt 45 degrees angle for abt 30 mins after feeding. try not to let them lie flat immediately after their feed.
Hiccups in babies is common and could be caused by the same few reasons as an adult, such as eating too much, swallowing air while chewing, being anxious or excited. An infant may swallow some air whi
it is said that having hiccups after feeding is good as it means his digestive system is running well.
Is it true that pregnant women in last trimester should take probiotics?
Personally I dont take probiotics during my pregnancy. It's not mandatory. Probiotics have both pros & cons. To relieve constipation, they r very useful. But if possible better avoid them, bcos there
it's not mandatory but in last semester you might have constipation and prebiotic will help
One of my friends took antibiotic before having a czer, to prevent infection on the scar later. But there is a valid concern that it'll deplete the good bacteria for baby during birth.
I did not consume much throughout my pregnancy. I eat yogurt primarily because I like it not that I must have it during the trimester. However, I understand from my friend that her gynae recommende
I dont think it is true. Personally I dont take it. Probiotic is good to maintain bowel why not? But not a must in my point of view.
May I know if it is normal for women to have darker skin at the areas of armpits, inner thighs, etc during pregnancy? What can we do about it? Thanks.
Same here dear
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yes, all the line become darker, and there will be a line below ur belly button callled linea nigra
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very normal duting pregancy and after pregancy.
Yes because of hormone change. But will fade away months after delivery.