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27months toddler who's 16kg liao!

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My baby started on solids last month. She recently strains when she is going to poop. Her poop is not in pallet form, but quite dry. She cried when pooping yesterday night. We realised that there is b
Hey Kris, maybe you want to try introducing other types of carrots as well. How long has this been happening?
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My LO who just turned one month old recently loves to kick her legs in the air when she sleeps. Is it normal? Should I swaddle her then as I stopped swaddling after 3 weeks? Thanks!
My baby loves doing it too! She's a little karate kid :) we let her sleep in a sleeping bag so she can kick as much as she wants in the bag ;)
What is the side effects of jaundice, besides hearing problem? Thanks.
For darker skin tone babies, changes in skin colour can be more difficult to spot. Yellowing may be more obvious in -whites of their eyes -inside their mouth -on the soles of feet -palms of their hand
My LO has been having hiccups the past two days. Have tried different feeding positions, but it just kept coming back. Any suggestions? Thanks!
my pd advised us to prop baby upright, abt 45 degrees angle for abt 30 mins after feeding. try not to let them lie flat immediately after their feed.
Is it true that pregnant women in last trimester should take probiotics?
Personally I dont take probiotics during my pregnancy. It's not mandatory. Probiotics have both pros & cons. To relieve constipation, they r very useful. But if possible better avoid them, bcos there
May I know if it is normal for women to have darker skin at the areas of armpits, inner thighs, etc during pregnancy? What can we do about it? Thanks.
very normal duting pregancy and after pregancy.