Gaming while pregnant

Is it safe? my wife playing fun game everyday like candy crush.

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Why wouldn't it be? Unless you're saying she play until don't want to sleep and eat then there'll be a problem. Gaming is a good way to forget the difficult times I have eg nausea or bloated especially at night. Sometimes when I feel very tired in the day I play game to keep myself awake too.

Why wouldn’t it be safe? If it’s her way of relaxing then she should be fine. I’m still gaming as well with my husband. We’re playing CoD and Overcooked.

Bruh i play COD and PUBG every night till i give birth 😂.

whats wrong with you? she cant have a little bit of fun?

Super Mum

Haha why not? I played wheel of fortune and watch drama everyday.

Yes, why not. Its a good way to relieve stress, yeah 🙂

dude... its just a game..let her enjoy! of cos its safe

yes. why would you have the thought that might not be?

It’s safe

Yes can