What would you do if your spouse doesn't agree on something because of his beliefs, and yet you think it might benefit your family?

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Such differences are bound to occur at some point in your marriage. I'll tell you from my experience. In our case, my husband believes in God and I stopped worshiping after a mishap in my family. Initially, he tried a lot to make me believe again but eventually gave up. Things started turning differently once we had our baby. My in-laws are devout Hindus and follow way too many rituals. While I've been able to break free of some rituals that involve me praying and worshiping, I've stepped back when the rituals involve the baby. The reason being that arguing over these matters would hamper the harmony in the household. My husband and his mother mostly perform religious rituals involving the baby and I'm mostly in the background. So, in this case, I'm the one who disagrees but chooses to stay mum because it benefits the family atmosphere. We've not yet reached a consensus on this. We don't know what to teach our baby, we're evolving :)

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I am not sure you and your husband disagree on what matter. Let me give an example on my side. For my husband, he thinks that spanking on kids is totally fine due to his upbringing. However, for me I would like to adopt positive parenting approach as I am totally against spanking. After having kids, it is unavoidable to have different views in parenting between both of us. I tried my best to share articles and readings and show my husband what are positive parenting benefits and why spanking is doing more harm. It is always easier to say than done. Thus, I always try my best to use what I have learned from positive parenting and adopt the approaches in front of my husband and prove that it works. Thus, actual action is very important in proving to my husband positive parenting actually suits our family better. After almost 5 years, he slowly accept my approach and also I can see he adopts them at times too.

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corporal punishment should only used when there is a guilty mind and action with no reasonable mitigation factor or is an issue of safety.

If this is religion related, the best thing you can do is to try to meet each other in the middle. I'm of faith and my partner isn't. Alot of our important decisions, unfortunately, need to involve religion mainly because of my parents. For example, our nuptials have to be a religious ceremony as per my parents wishes. He is not necessarily too pleased about it but he agreed to it anyway, which I am thankful for. In return, I promise that the reception will be up to his wants and desires. Instead of ultimatums, perhaps you can try to meet in the middle, especially if it's for the benefit of your family.

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I faced a similar situation as well. My husband and i have interfaith marriage, its tough try to blend both together especially when religion is your way of life. Frankly, till today we have not managed to find a consensus with each other. The only way i feel to get it going and moving forward is to talk about it. We still do talk about it once in a while.

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