Given a choice, which would you rather be? rich or rather well to do and in no lack for your kid/family but have to deal w loneliness , or struggling to make ends meet barely just enough but have friends/family that are the same.

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struggling but with family and friends. i am one now and im glad i have them to Count on. i cant deal with loneliness bc itll trigger my past and depression hahhaha money can find mah

I would love family and friends. Money can always be earn when you work hard. You can't buy family and friends.

well to do i guess. family and kids are priority to me. money can be earned. family and kids can't be earned.

Rich. When you have money, everyone make friend with you

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Well to do. I can always find things to enjoy.

I would rather be rich.

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Rather be rich...🙊

rather well to do

Good question

Rich I guess