What's the quickest surefire way to get pregnant? There's no privacy at home because my husband and I co-sleep with our toddler, plus our nanny needs to be able to go in and out of our bedroom at night so she could hand over my second baby whenever she needs to feed and then bring her back to her crib after. So hubby and I are thinking about getting a hotel room...but I want to make sure that the stay will be worth it!

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Unfortunately, there is no surefire way of getting pregnant. However, there are are some things you can take note of to help increase your chances: - Get a preconception checkup: during which you can provide information such as family medical history. If you are on any long term medication, you can also check if those are safe during pregnancy. Also ask about prenatal vitamins that will help increase the level of folic acid in your body to prepare your body for pregnancy - Know your cycle: Understand the ovulation cycle to know when you are more fertile. There are subtle signs of ovulation, such as changes in basal body temperature and vaginal discharge. In general, for a woman on a 28-day cycle, she is most likely to ovulate on day 14 (taking the first day of the menstrual period as day one). There are apps available to help track your period, you can consider those as well. - Get your husband to avoid wearing tight fitting bottoms and stay off soy products, as these may affect sperm count. - Stay relaxed and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Best to be at your ideal weight as over exercising may affect ovulation. Here’s a great link with more tips on getting pregnant (including food to eat, positions to try, and other forms of assistance you could consider): http://sg.theasianparent.com/help-to-conceive-your-child/

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You can purchase clearblue digital ovulation test kits. It will tell you (using indicator of smiley face/no face) when is the best 2 days to intercourse during LH surges, i.e. most fertile period. So far, I have 2 friends who used this ovulation kits and managed to conceive in short period. This is more expensive than ovulation strips but they are far more accurate than strips one. If your mense is quite regular, you can purchase 7-test kits set instead of 20-test kits set. There another device which is more advanced is clearblue digital monitor which costs more than $300. This is more accurate as it will help you to plot a graph and identify the best time to intercourse to increase the chance of getting pregnant. I have used this one and successfully conceived my second baby after 1 cycle of tracking only.

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Perhaps getting a surrogate would ensure that you get a baby. Even In-Vitro Fertilisation is no guarantee for conception. You could take leave and do the deed in the day, have a quickie in your bathroom or like you say, put the kids somewhere else and get a room. You know, you have to stop stressing over it. It's hard to make babies when the mood isn't right. My advice is to try to find out your fertile window and then book a hotel for that period. You will be most fertile for 5 days leading up to ovulation. Do start on folic acid if you're intending to conceive. The easiest way is to have sex every two or three days.

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The other suggestion is, why not letting your second baby to sleep with your nanny at night? Other than you need to have sex to get another baby, you need to have a normal sex life to spark the relationship (although sex is not the only way). For me, I find it lack of privacy if someone can come into my bedroom anytime at night while I am sleeping.

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Learn to find the best days but looking at your cervical mucus! Your body tells you when the best days to try are, they are the ones where you get plenty of clear, slippery mucus.