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Had LO who's at 16 days old. We have a confinment nanny now but at night we will bring over our LO to our master bedroom to co sleep (but different bed) with us. However, LO just doesn't want to sleep at night when with us and always fuss and cry even after feeding burping changing diaper and carrying. Until our nanny comes over to carry him then he stopped crying immediately. Both hubby and I were upset and losing confidence of taking care of our LO after our nanny leaves. Any advice....

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Hi mummy, I was also in the same position as you few months back and very worried on how to cope when nanny leaves. Rest assured baby will get used to you once she leaves as you will now be the primary caregiver and meeting his/her needs. I made the mistake of extending my nanny by 2 weeks as I was so afraid I won’t be able to cope. Everything turned out fine after a week of getting a routine in place and sticking to it. Don’t forget the nanny is still an outsider and the silver lining is you can now regain control of your baby and house again and implement a routine you feel is best for baby, yourself and your family.

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I would suggest to persist! Try and try again so that you learn your child’s patterns in behaviour and preference. There is a learning curve, so best to learn while nanny is still here. Observe how she soothes him. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it eventually!

My ger doesnt really like to sleep in her playpen last time when she was younger. We had to try to make her slp.. but even when she is aslp.. we put her down also cry. So there was a period i had to sit n let her slp on me.. hug her to slp