What's the quickest surefire way to get pregnant? There's no privacy at home because my husband and I co-sleep with our toddler, plus our nanny needs to be able to go in and out of our bedroom at night so she could hand over my second baby whenever she needs to feed and then bring her back to her crib after. So hubby and I are thinking about getting a hotel room...but I want to make sure that the stay will be worth it!

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Perhaps getting a surrogate would ensure that you get a baby. Even In-Vitro Fertilisation is no guarantee for conception. You could take leave and do the deed in the day, have a quickie in your bathroom or like you say, put the kids somewhere else and get a room. You know, you have to stop stressing over it. It's hard to make babies when the mood isn't right. My advice is to try to find out your fertile window and then book a hotel for that period. You will be most fertile for 5 days leading up to ovulation. Do start on folic acid if you're intending to conceive. The easiest way is to have sex every two or three days.

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