Do you co sleep with your baby?

I have a nursery room with baby crib and my baby sleep in that room now with confinement nanny. I am thinking of co sleeping with my baby by moving her crib in my master bedroom when the confinement nanny leaves us in 1 week's time. however, I am worried that i may disturb my hubby sleep during midnight when I feed the baby or the baby cannot get used to my room (co sleep with me). Should I continue to let baby sleep by her own in her nursery and feed her in the nursery instead ? I worried she is alone by herself in the nursery while I sleep in my room.#advicepls #FTM

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Best for the baby? Or best for the parents? Discuss with your spouse and make a jointed decision. Although the mom is technically on ML and (most of) the spouse has to work after 2 weeks of PL, we still believe that it should be both parents’ duty to look after our babies. For instance, if one is feeding in the middle of the night, the other person will help to prepare/wash/get things ready/put baby back to sleep afterwards. It will actually make the feeding process faster and fuss free. Instead of one is struggling to feed while the spouse is sleeping. We tried to let her sleep in her own room for one night and we end up keep going to the room to check on her and the baby monitor. In the end we decide that it is still the best to sleep in the same room.

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baby will get used to your room eventually, it’s even easier when they are younger.