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I have been trying to conceive for a long time now. Though I have never been superstitious, the yearning for a child is making me follow many superstitions. How do I stop myself from getting superst
Go to the doctor and ask for guide how to get pregnant....

2nd Child

been trying for a 2nd child for 6months now, no luck. what should we be doing to increase chances? did not do the deed for 2yrs plus until we wanted to try for 2nd. every time we have to plan when to
relax your mind. not good to be too tense
I have missed my period for 7 days. Tested negative this morning. I thought I am pregnant because I thought I had some early pregnancy signs. Maybe I am just under too much stress at work these days.
me either,missed my period till 1 month then tested,it's negative
I have irregular periods which is affecting my chances of conceiving. Are there any methods to maintain a regular menstrual cycle?
Make sure to work out regularly, be active, drink lots of water.
For your second pregnancy, how long did you take to conceive?
after my child 4 years old
Does PCOS/PCOD lead to infertility?
I have regular menstruation and I am petit without any sign of PCOS so when I got married we were trying to conceive after 3 months of trying I got pregnant but sad to say i had miscarriage and then 9

What were the most important factors to consider before having a kid?

Finances, age, help, family?

I want another child. my hubby wants to wait

I wonder if it’s common. My hub and I have sex only once a month. Or maybe once in 2months. After we had our kid we are just not so into sex anymore. Or maybe it’s our long term rls of being together
Both must come to same page as child will suffer if hubby not willing. If he willing, can see gynea to help conceive faster
Doctor has found a fibroid in my wives uterus since last year when she was pregnant. After giving birth in June, the fibroid size is 6cm and doctor advised us to remove it in last Dec, but till now we
me myself had gone through one of it. my fibroid was as big as a baby. 25cm. huge! the doc was extremely mad at me because i didnt notice it earlier. i told them its not there until at one time i felt
What's your ideal number of kids?
4,2 boys 2girls😂