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Trying To Conceive


Are you planning a baby? Ask your questions or just share your experiences.

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I have 3 kids already and 40 years old. And I am thinking of trying for my 4th. Do you think it's advisable? Will there be any complications?
What's your ideal number of kids?
I want it more moree more as long as i can 😂
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I have missed my period for 7 days. Tested negative this morning. I thought I am pregnant because I thought I had some early pregnancy signs. Maybe I am just under too much stress at work these days.
ako sis 5days delay but negative padn sa pt.
Does PCOS/PCOD lead to infertility?
Yes if left untreated

What's the best age to have a baby? And what do I need to prepare for the pregnancy?

I'm 20 y.o this year and I'm planning to have a baby in 1-2 years. Is it too early? I hope to find out the relevant costs for pregnancy and the preparations for the pregnancy process.
it isnt too early as long as you plan. you can do prenatal visits like a body check up to draw up a plan how to conceive healthily. ultimately it depends on your budget constraint. if you have a budge
Folic acid should be taken at night or daytime?
was advice to take in the morning 🙂
I have irregular periods which is affecting my chances of conceiving. Are there any methods to maintain a regular menstrual cycle?
hi mummy. my girlfrens have irregular period and she consume this particular supplement... and after 2 boxes consume, her period was regular. and still continuing it becos of the benefits. safe for bf
When is the earliest u get a positive pregnancy test? after you missed your period?
mine was 2 weeks 😑


Hi. I just wanna ask... any tips or things to eat to get pregnant easily besides having sex during my ovulation period? Can i just purchase folic acid from poly and consume it or is there anything els
hi mummy.. apart from a jamu which my frens are consuming to regulate their period... u can pm me if ure interested to know... traditional malay massage do helps also.... etc, sangkak.... apart fro