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We've been having trouble conceiving which could be due to our ages in the late-thirties. My husband is vehemently against fertility drugs of ivf. What can I do to improve my chances of conceiving nat
That what i experience
Nagtry na po ba kayong magpatest both ng husband nyo kung may problem kayong dapat iaddress?
Take good high in anti oxidants such as blueberries and exercise
Try observing your cervical mucus signs for the best days to try, which would be those with clear, slippery mucus.
You can purchase clearblue digital ovulation test kits. It will tell you (using indicator of smiley face/no face) when is the best 2 days to intercourse during LH surges, i.e. most fertile period. So
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Does alcohol affect my chances of conceiving?
Basta may alak, may balak.
Does alcohol affect my chances of given birth
How early can you take a pregnancy kit test for pregnancy?
At least week after a missed period
3 days delayed
1 week before period
It depends. I tested for pregnancy after missing my period for 2 weeks. It was tested negative through pregnancy kit. I went to the clinic and found out am pregnant.
Very early.
How long should you wait before you try for a second baby ?
When you are ready na po ulit. Im currently 11weeks preggy sa 2nd baby. Yung 1st ko po is 9yo na sa oct. :)
for me 2 yo. but it also depend on luck, sometime they get their 2nd baby when their 1st baby not even reach 1 yo.
When u are ready enough
2 yes
2 to 3 years
Is burping a sign of pregnancy?
Nd pi
Is it ok to go for body massage while TTC?
Yes. Just avoid during dpo phase
Yes it is
If anything, I think going for a massage may help. Massage may help you relax and thus, reducing the amount of stress that you may be facing. Stress often affects the hormones and will not be good for
I reckon it is. I went for a special couples massage last year which claims to specifically promote fertility and I'd supposedly perfect for couples trying to conceive. As long as it doesn't cause you
Does PCOS/PCOD lead to infertility?
It does. But I have PCOD and my fertility level is optimum means to the highest. I really Don't know how ! But it's true..... And I have conceived 3 times in past 1.5 years. 1st miscarriage 2nd pr
yes it does..consult your gynae for more advise .
Difficulty in conceiving
yes it does
I think it does,seek fertility doctor for more advise.
I am considering to have another child. However, I think I am too old to have (I am late 30s). What is the age range that I should stop considering getting pregnant?
there's no such "TOO OLD "when you wish to have a child,keep on trying!do anything you can, seek for doctors help,etc. My husband and I are optimistic and thank God .I'm almost 38 years old and curren
if u have the support.. why not
i think age is just one factor but of you’re healthy naman then i dont see any issue with having another baby
Okay lang. Plenty of women your age have given birth to healthy babies.
Late 30s is still fine
Is it ok to have sex even if i have period. Because my husband doesn't want to use condoms. Need an answer asap😣
come on this is messy!!!!!!!!!!!can't you/he wait atleast few days ?
its messy and also risky lex Coz its blood 😱
Of course me and my husband do it because it can help ease the pains. Typically we lay a towel down. The chances of getting pregnant are very low but still possible
But you can get infection. I'd read it somewhere. That the period blood can gives harm. Thats why people who have clogs/period blood didnt go fully flow out during period - in their miss v needs to ge
should be ok but that might be a bit bloody and messy
When will you start planning to have a second child ? Any age gaps ?
2 years apart
Me and my husband are thinking 1-2 years
2 to 3 years.
Mine is currently 2 years and if I can choose again, I'll stick with 2 years still.