What is your favorite day of the week and why?

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I love Sundays because it's the only time of the week I don't have to get up early. I'm free to sleep all I want but of course, I'd rather spend the rest of the day bonding with the kids. We maximize our family day by dining out, strolling, going out of town, etc. every Sunday.

Sundays are the best! It's literally a family day for us. We take the kids to the mall or play houses, stroll and do road trips. We normally start on a Saturday evening but most of the time, we spend the Saturday to rest and do the household chores not done for the whole week.

Fridays - it only makes me look forward to 2 days with no work. All my time will be spent with the family. I get too excited especially during Friday evenings because we start to do our road trip and food trip within the metro with the kids.

Ako Friday din kase kaya kong magpuyat, manood ng movies or lumabas kasama ng asawa ko kase ang sa isip ko na may 2 days pa ko na pahinga kaya relax relax muna.

Sunday! That's our family day. We attend Service at church every Saturday evening so that we'll have whole Sunday as our rest day.

saturday! coz i dont have to wake up very early to prepare the kids for school! i love you Sabadoooo!

I look forward to Sundays every week. We spend the whole day with the family right after going to church.

I love sunday's! that way I get to spend time for my family! :)

Friday ako kasi excited ako magweekends. Hahaha.