To all breastfeeding moms, among the many benefits of breastfeeding, what is your favorite? Why?

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I love everything about breastfeeding! It's one of the wonders of motherhood for me :) too many to mention, honestly. Enteromammary pathway, the bond between mom and child, less risks of disease for both mom and baby. I'm so passionate about it that I want to become a lactation counselor myself

6y ago

I kind of know the "process" or what's going on in enteromammary pathway, I just didn't know that it's called as such. Thank you so much for sharing!

Bond between mom and baby seems to be a very beautiful thing that no one can replicate. That alone is priceless. I believe breastfeeding has heaps more of benefits for both mom, baby and even our society as a whole

I'd say it's the natural boost in the immune system of my baby and... of course, the incomparable bonding between the mom and child that you can't find anywhere else.

Knowing that my milk is readily available and clean. And definitely the bonding experience that you and your child get to share :)