What is your favorite coffee from the Philippines?

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Coffee is happiness for me and my husband. We have tried so many brands before. But we always go back to our favorite -- Nescafe Gold. It's smoother, more flavorful, and more aromatic. The down side is that it's quite expensive than other brands and even a lot more expensive than Nescafe Classic. Image source: http://staging.dotnetintelligence.net/product_details_en_co_uk.axcms?Id=3

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I enjoy drinking coffee from Kalsada Coffee, which is artisanal coffee made from beans from small-scale farms. They're not roasted in big batches so you can taste so many flavors and each roast is distinct. You can get them in third wave cafes like Habitual Coffee. :) Here's their website http://kalsada.com/

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Since taga Batangas ang asawa ko, Kapeng Barako na non-branded, yung nabibili lang sa palengke. Lakas ng tama! Yung tableang Batangas na sin laki ng jolens masarap din. Paghaluin mo ang kapeng barako at tablea, Ala eh pagkasarap ng Capuccinong Batangueno!

Kapeng Barako from Lipa, Batangas.. :) Hustling everyday calls for this kind of coffee. It helps me maintain focus in the morning to accomplish tons of to do's in the house while still making sure that my kids are well fed and taken care of..

Nescafe coffee latte

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Nescafé gold. ❤

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Necafe original

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