What day of the week you love most and why?

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For me, Thursdays! Kasi yun ang grocey day namin ng family ko. Everyone's excited kasi mabibili na naman nila ng favorite nilang food, snacks and other stuffs for the whole week and after groceries, direcho bonding din kame, minsan nuod ng movies or kakain sa labas. :)

Sunday is the best for me. We usually attend church service in Saturday afternoons so that we'll have whole day to bond on Sundays. We also cook good food during that time and we watch movies at home after dinner

like everyday since the day nalaman nang hubby ko na preggy ako, i always feel kc how happy he is.. and just awhile ago, he kisses my 9weeks preggy tummy just before he goes to work

My family love Friday! And for us sometimes we call it Lazy Day! We have our friday movie night with the kids and we can to stay up late and wake up late the next day too🤗😉

Saturday and Sunday, rest days of husband from work. So we can go to the play areas where my son can enjoy. That’s also my time go somewhere while they are in the playhouse.

Sunday! It's the only day of the week when I don't have to wake up at 5AM to work. I get to spend the entire day with my family and do our bonding activities together.

Friday evening! Haha Kasi it's a time to celebrate or do whatever I want kasi wala nang work. And more importantly, I have more time with the kids in the next 2 days.

I always look forward to Sundays every week. That's the only time we get to think of nothing but family, fun and bonding. Forget about work.

I love Sundays. That's the time we spend time together in the park and spend the whole day resting and enjoying the non-working day.

Definitely Sunday! That's the time we do our grocery and we watch PB games live on tv in the afternoons and evenings.