What was your baby's birth weight?

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She was 3.2kg at birth, which was very surprising because she was in the 19th percentile during her growth scan. She gradually put on weight and she's now in the 90th percentile at 4 months being fully breastfed.

My baby was close to 3 kgs when she was born. I though, she would be underweight but she came out weighing good.

My firstborn was 2.8kg and my second son was 3kg. Fully breastfed for both my kiddos. Happy mum!

Baby was born at 3.33 kg. a good size for a baby girl I reckon


1.82 (son)and 2.16(daughter) - Twins

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My was 4.5kg at birth week 37.

Baby boy birthweight 3.365

3.2kg I find him so small.

4kg at birth